Become a FootBalance partner

Become a FootBalance partner

Partner with Us to Offer Footbalance to Your Customers

Interested in offering innovative Footbalance custom insoles at your retail business or medical clinic? Get in touch with us!

Footbalance Retail offers a range of solutions purpose built for sports stores, shoe shops, fitness centers and wellness retailers. Footbalance Medical offers a specialized range for podiatrists, pedorthists, physiotherapists and other medical providers. Click on the links at the left to learn more about each division.

At Footbalance partnership is the way we work. We’re not just looking to open a new door, but believe in forming a strategic partnership with our dealers. Together we find the best way to optimize the Footbalance system for your business needs.
Get in touch today, we’re looking forward to discussing how Footbalance can partner with you!

Step Ahead of the Competition with Footbalance

Footbalance is an innovative concept for the promotion of better foot health and greater well-being. Footbalance is the only company in the world offering consumers a personalized foot analysis and 100% customized insoles in less than 10 minutes combined. Insoles are molded on-the-spot at your shop, directly from the customer’s foot.

Consumers today increasingly want personal service. When you partner with Footbalance you offer an attractive, customized service at an affordable price. We help you build stronger customer relationships and attract customers to your store.

The unique Footbalance retail concept is purpose built for sports stores, shoe shops, fitness centers and wellness retailers. Our computer aided analysis system makes recommending the right shoe and accessories fast and easy. We provide extensive staff training to reinforce and strengthen your store’s reputation for service and expertise

Footbalance offers a variety of fixtures and displays to slot seamlessly into your retail environment. We believe strongly in partnership and work with you to achieve the best package of product, displays and promotions for your business.

The Footbalance launch in San Diego surpassed all our expectations, and we are now introducing the concept at all our outlets. Road Runner Sports is known for its expertise, and Footbalance strengthens this image.”
- August Dyess, Senior Program Manager, Road Runner Sports

With Footbalance there has been a totally new group of customers coming to our stores. In addition, we have been actually selling more premium shoes, because the Footbalance analysis raises customers’ awareness of the importance of good foot position.”
- Markku Toponen, Marketing Director, Intersport Finland

We started with first pilots in 2008. The success was amazing! Footbalance has significantly increased our sales. Also our salespeople are very enthusiastic about it, as it raises the level of their own expertise.”
- Geir-Olav Killingstad, Marketing Director, Intersport Norway

Step ahead of your competition. Get in touch with us today to find out about the best Footbalance package for your business!

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Add Footbalance Medical to Your Practice

Would you like to offer your patients the state of the art for effective foot and lower limb care? Add Footbalance Medical to your Practice!

The Footbalance Medical system provides a reliable, fast and affordable method for analyzing a patient’s lower limbs and for preparing custom-molded insoles.

Founded by medical professionals, our goal is to help practitioners improve their ability to offer cost-effective care for the wide audience of patients whose conditions can be helped through proper attention to foot function and support.
Our dynamic insoles, analysis tools and rapid molding concept help you treat patients more effectively while enhancing your practice. Practitioners who have adopted the Footbalance Medical line have been able to devote more time to patient care while expanding their business to reach new customers. Here is a sample of the positive feedback we’ve received:

The insoles are a brilliant way to complement physiotherapy. The material is easy to work with and to shape. The fact that the customer gets the insoles with him immediately and, not afterwards like before, allows much better fine adjustment.”
-Niko Rotko, Hoitopiste Rotko ky, Helsinki, Finland

My job description has become more diverse because of Footbalance Medical. I have gotten new kinds of customers and it’s also easier to help my old clients with their problems.”
- Jukka Ritola, Physiotherapist, OMT, Finland

Offer your customers a personalized, state-of-the-art, affordable foot care plan. Contact us today to ask for a Footbalance Medical concept demonstration!

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