Customized Comfort

Customized Comfort

Comfortable and well-fitting footwear increases inner confidence and makes activities more enjoyable. Who hasn’t suffered at some point due to foot pain from poor fitting footwear? When you don’t have to worry about your feet you can focus on the moment- whether it be performing your best at work or in sport or visiting one last special spot in your travels.

With Footbalance custom insoles you can experience the enjoyment of a comfortable, custom fit in all of your footwear, at an affordable price. Custom-molded to your unique feet, Footbalance insoles are individually molded to each foot to provide precisely the support that your arches need, no matter your foot or arch type. With proper support your feet fatigue less easily, and you enjoy more for all day comfort and confidence.

Customized support underfoot makes your shoes feel like they were made for your feet. With a wide range of insole models we can mold the right insole for a perfect fit in any shoe. You can select the insole width, cushioning thickness, and stiffness that you want for each of your shoes – no matter how tight – and activities – no matter how intense.

You don’t need to have a foot condition to enjoy the comfort and benefits of Footbalance custom insoles. Our insoles help anyone achieve customized comfort and fit in their shoes, boots and sports footwear – making uncomfortable and unsupportive footwear healthier and more enjoyable.

Why don’t you take the Footbalance challenge today and try our customized comfort for yourself?


Ultimate Fit

No matter your foot type, Footbalance insoles offer ultimate comfort for your footwear. Custom fit to your unique feet, they are individually molded to each foot to provide precisely the support that your arches need. With a wide range of insoles, we can help you achieve a perfect fit in virtually any shoe.